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Group 4

While visiting the archeological site of Delphi Guy ran into some aspiring young artists in the museum.  I was fortunate enough to see Guy interact with the young boys while they drew their designs in his sketchbook.  The names of the children we encountered were Sotiris, Konstantinos, Epaminoudas, Panagiotis, Andrianna, Tourlidas, Nestoras, Rizogiannis, Aggelis, and Karkaletsi.  Konstantinos drew many graffiti designs and everyone took turns signing their names.  This was another wonderful experience because of the connections one can make with others by using art as a way to communicate.  Throughout all of my travels art has been the universal concept that brings people together.   When doing art all differences according to location or race are disregarded for a few moments and people share their ideas with each other.  I have learned that art is not always an individual activity or process; it can be a unifying force bringing strangers together.


Everyone is a Child

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Woman in Istanbul playground

Man in Istanbul park

Woman in Istanbul


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Safiona and her toy olive

After spending the day in Oia, Santorini I ran into these three kids when everyone on the island was crowding on the cliffs to see the sunset.  Safiona (8), Ellena (5), and Christe (7) were just neighborhood kids playing on their bikes.  We were able to communicate a little bit with the few questions I could ask them in Greek.  We talked for a little while, drew in my sketchbook, played with my camera, and then they showed me their speed on their bikes!


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Our next stop after Kusadasi was a small village of two hundred named Priene. On our first day in Priene we went out to do a drawing in the afternoon.  Ricky and I were so fortunate to meet so many people after only being in town for a few hours.  Ricky and I played with kids in the street and spoke as much as we could with them.  Our friend Ibrahim helped us communicate with them as well.  The kids were so joyous and playful.  We alternated between soccer and volleyball.  Sevgl, the mother of the little boy and his sister Cevriye, brought out apple tea to share.  She invited me to be a guest in her home.  This experience is a perfect example of the neverending love of Turkish hospitality.  Playing in the streets, meeting new people, talking with strangers, and sharing apple tea are all normal activities in a day in Priene.  I am ready to go back.

Temple of Artemis

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We visited the Temple of Artemis outside the beach town of Kusadasi in the afternoon on April 10th.  Johanna and I ended up spending time with five children that were trying to sell may daisies to the people walking by.  At first they only wanted to sell their flowers but after a moment they wanted to talk and play with us. We communicated as much as we could using our hands and played with our art supplies and cameras.  This was an interesting experience because the kids changed instantly as soon as they allowed themselves to stop selling flowers.  They are so young, they should be playing!


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Imamagel and friends

While spending a week in Istanbul some of us were fortunate enough to spend a morning with some children after they got out of school.  Johanna and I were drawing in a small courtyard on a neighborhood street when a boy named Hamit came up to watch us draw.  He accepted our offerings of our art supplies after trying to resist for a few minutes and we were all drawing together.  Before we knew it, we had made ten new friends!  Jo and I spent the rest of the morning talking to the children and doing art with them.  We were so grateful to have art because that is something that everyone shares no matter what language you speak.